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My guys are all out of town. How can they get their tuxedos ordered properly? We recommend that groomsmen go to a local tuxedo shop to get their measurements or follow the attached tuxedo measurement instructions. Then they can either call in their measurements and payment information to our store -OR- fax in the attached tuxedo order form (#719-282-1474). Should I rent or buy a tuxedo? In some cases, the purchase of a tuxedo is a better option. Tuxedos are appropriate for any formal evening event. Tuxedo purchase prices start at about $300. Should my ring bearer wear a tuxedo as well, and what sizing is available for the little ones? If all the other men in the wedding are wearing a tuxedo, so should your little guy. At Something New Boutique we have tuxedo rentals available for children ages 1 and older. What if the tuxedo does not fit? Sometimes we are sent wrong measurements or the fit just isn’t right. If this occurs we have a seamstress on staff that can provide minor adjustments. If you need a different size, we can usually accommodate this request pending it is not the day of the wedding. What is the pick-up process? We will call you as soon as the tuxedos are ready for pick up (typically on the Wednesday before the wedding). When the guys arrive, they are welcome to come get their tuxes. What should I expect to pay to rent a tuxedo? Tuxedo rentals include jacket, pants, shirt, vest, tie, shoes, and cuff links. The rental costs range between $99 and $150. This includes a damage waiver. Who usually pays for the tuxedo? Generally, each member of the wedding party pays for his own. If so, it is customary for the groom to give a gift to his groomsmen, often a tie or cuff links.

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